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Escape the short term trap.

Because the world is focused on short term, you can achieve a lot by taking a different view at your customers', your employees' and your stakeholders' needs. The concept of shareholder value became popular in the 80s, and pushed many companies to focus on extracting quarterly value from existing businesses and ideas. We think that most companies will benefit from the opposite strategy: reinventing businesses and focusing on new ideas creating long term and sustainable value.

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Unlock your team's creative potential and develop new business ideas


Explore long term value levers & build a performance plan.


Design and implement large scale transformations.


Inspire your teams to explore new horizons and adopt new technologies and new approachs.


While C-Olt Consulting offers premium expertise and services, we offer a very flexible range of pricing options including the standard per diem fees as well as fast and affordable remote advices and e-payment.

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